Life Expectancy at birth and at age 65

Life expectancy at birth and aged 65 data has just been released by ONS. Data for the period 2001/03 to 2010/12 is also available at local authority level. Figures for Warwickshire show continuing improvements in life expectancy for both males and females with life expectancy at birth now standing at 79.8 years for males and 83.8 years for females.

Warwickshire life expectancy, at birth for males and females 2001/03 – 2010/12

Warwickshire life expectancy at age 65

Source: ONS

Further information, including data for districts and boroughs is available using the link below.

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65

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  1. Not wanting to sound thick, but does this mean that if I were to be born today I would be likely to live until the age of 83,8yrs ? Mike

    *Cllr Mike Gittus JP* *Alcester Town Councillor* *Stratford District Councillor (Kinwarton Ward)* *Warwickshire County Councillor (County District Alcester)* * * The Old Barn, Walcote B49 6LY 01789 488027 07554 334188 Updated 25th October. ‘The Pedestrian Pound’

    Alcester Town Guide and Map

    • Life expectancy is an estimate of the average number of years that a person could expect to live if the mortality rates of the given geographical area remain constant throughout their lifetime. However, it should not be regarded as a prediction of the number of years that the person can actually expect to live, both because death rates are likely to change and because that person is unlikely to live in the same geographical area throughout their life.

      Changes in life expectancy, in Warwickshire, are examined in greater detail in the recently published Director of Public Health Annual Report 2013 which is available online from:

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