Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2013/14 report published

Quality of Life

Today the team is publishing our annual Quality of Life in Warwickshire report, which provides a detailed look at the people, places and communities in our county. The report is an assessment of the demographic, social, economic and environmental themes that all play a part in influencing our residents’ quality of life.

The need for this type of material is more important than ever, as increasingly limited resources need to be deployed in transparent, evidence-led ways. The Quality of Life in Warwickshire report continues to provide local decision makers in the public, private, and voluntary sectors with that evidence base so that improving the lives of all of Warwickshire’s residents remains our collective priority.

New in this year’s report is the inclusion of 2011 Census data across a number of the themes, resulting in several new indicators. Our 2011 Census prospectus gives further details of the team’s work in this area.

As in previous reports, we’ve started each section with a ‘data visualisation’, designed to stimulate your interest and make the statistics more engaging. We’ve also continued with the Interactive Maps in this year’s report. This provides users with a tool for viewing and analysing many of the datasets included in the report at a very local level.

To find out more please click on the link below to download the report:

Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2013/14 report (6.8 MB)

The report is a large file so we’ve attached each section below which should be easier to download:

Any feedback can be made via the comments section below or via Twitter (@WarksObs).

4 Responses

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  2. […] Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2013/14 report published […]

  3. HI Guys. Yes, I’m still reading your stuff!
    Great to see some striking visuals, works in a lot of cases but text is sometimes too small (or grey) making it tricky to interpret. eg. transport on p17 (?)
    Trend summary on p9 is really good – consider arranging the topics from best trend to worse trend rather than whatever they are now (random?). ie. the most reds at one end and the most greens at the other. That way, one might see at a glance if there might be a connectivity between topics.
    The educational attainment (p12) is a lovely diagram that instantly communicates the message behind the figures. Perfect example of what I’ve always urged you to do.

    I look fwd to firmer conclusions on the impact of benefit changes.
    keep up the good work, best regards,

  4. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback – we’ll certainly take these into account moving forward and glad to see you’ve found the report useful!!

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