Cyber Crime – An emerging issue nationally and locally…..

cybercrimeThe Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership Analysts have just completed the Strategic Assessment process for the Community Safety Partnerships.

One issue/risk that emerges from the assessments is Cyber Crime. This type of crime  is on the increase nationally; however it is largely under reported and it is difficult to determine how to record it.

Currently offences are being reported to Police who then refer the victim to Action Fraud who will then disseminate the information to the relevant Police Force, where it may or may not be detected and crimed.

Several key issues have emerged from the assessments:

  • Firstly the definition of cyber crime needs to be measured. This is very difficult to do as it can cover all types of crime such as stalking, threats, bullying, fraud, domestic violence and abuse, hate crime and theft to name a few. However, it is important to have a definition of what it is in order to record cyber crime correctly.
  • It then becomes important to record these crimes and gain a detection rate. Once figures are released on cyber crime detection rates, it is worth noting that it will take a couple of years for figures to settle down and become more accurate, due to delays in recording and teething issues with new systems and new ways of recording.
  • Furthermore, due to this being a ‘new crime’ there needs to be new ways of working, however with this comes cost implications on Police forces to update their crime recording systems and resources.
  • It is also important to raise the awareness of cyber crime and look to schools/colleges, agencies and partnerships on how to raise awareness to the public on how they can protect computer-based equipment and information from unintended or unauthorised access from outside parties.

Until these issues are addressed it is not possible to determine the scope of the problem of Cyber Crime in Warwickshire. It is currently an intelligence gap within the county which we hope will be addressed at a national level. When we have sight of some local statistics we will publish them via this blog.

2 Responses

  1. Surely a crime is a crime whether the perpetrator arrives at the scene by car or electron. This should be regarded as a particular method of crime not as a different type.

    • Hopefully once an agreement has been reached as to how we can measure Cyber Crime we will be able look at the scope of the problem in Warwickshire. It is such a broad area of crime that is not yet fully understood. It is likely that crimes will be given a cyber flag so will not be classified as a ‘new’ type of crime, but still identifiable on the Police crime recording systems.

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