Longer Lives

PH logoThe Public Health England website ‘Longer Lives’ has been updated. It allows people to easily see local information for the West Midlands on early deaths from major killers like cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung and liver disease and how they vary across the country.

Using a traffic-light rating system, it ranks areas showing those above average in tackling avoidable deaths as green, while those that still have more to do, are red. The website contains a range of data that allows people to easily compare an area’s mortality against those with similar populations, incomes and levels of health. Overall it shows that the north of England has a higher risk of early death than the south, but when comparing areas of a similar socio-economic status, it reveals a more complex picture.

Key Facts – England

  • In 2012, one in three deaths in England was defined as being premature which refers to deaths under the age of 75.

Key Facts – Warwickshire

  • There were 4,563 premature deaths in the three year period 2010-12 which equates to approximately 30% of all deaths.
  • The county ranks 39th out of 150 local authorities for overall premature deaths per 100,000 population for 2010-12.
  • Compared to the national picture Warwickshire is doing well on most mortality indicators other than liver disease where it is ranked 47th.
  • The county ranks 11th out of 15 when compared to similar local authorities for overall premature deaths.

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