Proficiency in English

Proficiency in EnglishThe 2011 Census asked residents if English was the main language spoken by the individual, and if not, what their main language was. The infographic presented here provides more details on what main languages are spoken in Warwickshire, where these residents live within the county, and how Warwickshire compares with elsewhere.

The results show that nearly 23,000 residents of Warwickshire (4.3% of the population) do not have English as their main language. However most of these residents state that they still speak English either ‘very well’ or ‘well’. Within Warwickshire, Rugby Borough and Warwick District have the highest numbers of residents who speak English ‘not very well’ or ‘not at all’.

Nationally, 7.7% of residents in England and Wales do not have English (or Welsh in Wales) as their main language. Within Warwickshire, the equivalent figure ranges from 6.7% in Rugby Borough to 1.0% in North Warwickshire Borough. Please click on the infographic image to find out more information on this topic.

For further information about the 2011 Census, or if you have any comments or suggestions for further areas of work, please contact the Observatory at

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