Have your say on New Electoral Division Boundaries across Warwickshire

LGBCEThe independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking local people for their help to draw up a new pattern of electoral divisions for Warwickshire County Council.

The consultation is the first part of an electoral review which will re-draw division boundaries across the whole county.

The Commission has also announced that it is minded to recommend that the county council should have 57 county councillors in the future, five fewer than the current arrangements.

The Commission now needs information from people and groups across Warwickshire to help it to produce a new pattern of electoral divisions to accommodate 57 county councillors.

In drawing up new boundaries, the Commission aims to deliver electoral equality for voters in council elections so that each county councillor represents roughly the same number of voters. The review also aims to ensure that the new council divisions reflect, as far as possible, the interests and identities of communities across Warwickshire.

Max Caller, Chair of the Commission, said:

“We are asking local people and organisations to help us draw up new electoral divisions for Warwickshire. As we develop the recommendations, we will take into account local community identities as well as ensuring electoral equality for voters.

If you have a view about which communities, parishes or neighbourhoods should be part of the same county division, then we want to hear from you. And if you think a road, river or railway makes for a strong boundary between communities in your part of Warwickshire, then this consultation is for you. Alternatively, if you’re simply interested in the way the county is run, just log on to our website to explore our interactive maps and have your say.

Your views will make a difference.

We will carefully consider all evidence that is provided during this phase of the review whoever it is from and whether it applies to the whole of Warwickshire or just a small part of the county.

Residents will then have a further chance to have their say after we publish our draft recommendations in September.”

Warwickshire County Council has agreed its set of proposals for consideration by the Commission. Councillor June Tandy, Chair of the Warwickshire Working Group said after the proposals were debated at a meeting of the County Council last Thursday:

“I’m pleased that full council supported changes to the boundary proposals.  They make absolute sense and we hope that the Boundary Commission will recognise the decisions made at the meeting when they consider the boundaries.”

Local people have until 23 June 2014 to submit their views.

The Commission will then publish its draft recommendations in September 2014 and open a further phase of consultation with local people. New divisions are scheduled to come into effect at the 2017 county elections.

Further information on the review and interactive maps of the existing boundaries can be found at www.consultation.lgbce.org.uk and www.lgbce.org.uk.

You can have your say on the new arrangements by writing to:

The Review Officer (Warwickshire)
Layden House
76-86 Turnmill Street

Email: reviews@lgbce.org.uk

Follow the Commission on Twitter: @LGBCE

Go directly to the Commission’s consultation portal at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node

Note: The electoral review will only consider the electoral division boundaries of Warwickshire County Council. It will not make any changes to district council wards or the external boundaries of districts in the county or the boundaries of the county itself.

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