Protecting Health: A Hidden Agenda

DPH Annual Report 2014_front pageThe Director of Public Health Annual Report for 2014 has been released. The Director of Public Health Annual Report is a vehicle for informing local people about the health of their community, as well as providing necessary information for decision makers in local health services and authorities on health gaps and priorities that need to be addressed. The title of this report “Protecting Health – A Hidden Agenda” reflects the fact that a great deal of health protection work can be unseen and taken for granted. All of the work that goes into planning for emergencies, preventing and managing outbreaks, and ensuring screening and immunisation programmes are running well, tends to be out of the sight of the populations we serve. We no longer see some of the most dangerous communicable diseases because of our successful childhood vaccination programmes. We may not experience any symptoms, but screening programmes are there to support the detection of illnesses which can be treated more easily if picked up earlier. We may not appreciate when we buy food from a shop or outlet that there are professionals working to ensure it is safe and of high quality. It is hoped that this report, although it does not pick up on all the health protection work which is being undertaken, does highlight key areas of importance. A range of references were used to compile this year’s report including:

  • Health Protection Agency
  • British Medical Journals
  • Public Health England
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Office for National Statistics

This year’s report is now available for download This year, I am keen to gain your views and opinions on my annual report. If you would like to comment or give feedback, please do so by filling out our short survey or by emailing

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