We’re moving….

…..but not very far!Boxes

This is the final post on the Warwickshire Observatory Blog.

From today you will find all of our reports, analysis, information sharing, news, views and ramblings on our new look website


We will be bringing a lot of material from the old website, and also from this Blog, with us. However in addition the new site offers:

  • A single home for all of the Observatory’s web content
  • Easier searching for our reports and analysis
  • Links through to our Local Information System to access data about Warwickshire’s local areas and communities
  • Integration with our social media feeds
  • A new and fresh look
  • The opportunity to do a bit of a ‘spring clean’

If you are a subscriber to this blog, you will continue to receive alerts around new postings via our regular ‘Bulletin’ round-up.

Finally, thanks for visiting our Blog over the past five years. Do bookmark  www.warwickshireobservatory.org and let us know what you think of the new site, or if you have anything you wish to share.


Andy Davis

Warwickshire Observatory Manager






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