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Ask Warwickshire LogoWe appreciate the need to engage and consult with our residents in new ways.  Social media has provided a much broader range of opportunities for people to get involved in local democracy, and the Ask Warwickshire project is designed to help raise awareness of the many ways that residents can now share their views on subjects affecting the county.

Ask Warwickshire is not about discarding traditional approaches to consultation, such as paper-based surveys.  Our aim is to complement these methods with new and increasingly interactive approaches.  We want to provide the opportunity for residents to share their views on a range of topics in a more dynamic, informal way.

We want to generate more timely conversations on topics that are of interest, so that we can develop a better understanding of our communities’ views and perceptions. Ultimately, we want to provide the opportunity for all residents to get involved using the methods they prefer to use, rather than the methods they may have been limited to in the past.

Please visit the site and let us know your views on the conversations going on across Warwickshire.

Give us your views on how we consult with you in the future

In the following months we are planning to engage with Warwickshire residents through a variety of new means in order to connect with a broader range of residents. Traditional consultation techniques (such as paper-based questionnaires) will be complemented with more modern approaches such as on-line channels.

The vision is to develop an on-line community using basic social media to encourage ongoing participation rather than getting in touch with residents once or twice a year for one-off static surveys. The underlying principle is to try and encourage residents to be part of an on-line community with the ability to exchange ideas in a forum.

We have set out some of our ideas with examples of how these are working in other authorities and we would like to get your views on how you feel these would work in Warwickshire.

If you have any questions please contact Renata Conduit, Corporate Consultation Officer, on 01926 736124 or email

Please complete the survey by clicking on the link below and remember to press ‘Done’ at the end to submit your survey.

We look forward to receiving your completed surveys by the 13th June 2012.

Warwickshire’s Consultation Hub

Public and community consultation and engagement activity plays an important part in improving and developing the services provided by Warwickshire County Council.

A new consultation system called The Consultation Hub has been launched to track all public consultation and engagement activity that is taking place both within Warwickshire County Council and across other Warwickshire partner organisations such as the 5 Warwickshire Districts/Boroughs, the NHS and the Police Service.

 Please click on the link to view the Consultation Hub to see Warwickshire’s consultation activity.

For more information or help using the system please contact Renata Conduit 01926 736124 or email

Warwickshire’s Citizens’ Panel Results

In September 2011, the Observatory distributed the final wave of Warwickshire County Council Citizens’ Panel.  The panel is made up of nearly 1,300 residents, who are consulted with on a regular basis. This wave of the Citizens’ Panel was also available for residents to complete via the County Council’s website. In total, 575 completed responses were received, a similar response level to previous waves. The results have been weighted by the respondents’ gender, age, ethnic group and their borough / district of residence to try and account for any survey bias. This wave of consultation covered:

  • Warwickshire County Council and the local area
  • Crime and Community Safety
  • Transport

The Observatory has produced a Briefing Note summarising the key messages from this consultation:

Summary of Warwickshire’s Citizens’ Panel Results