DWP Data Visualisation and Exploration Tool

DWP launched a new data visualisation and exploration tool, called Stat-Xplore, on 14th November. Stat-Xplore provides a guided way to explore DWP benefit data, ask different questions, and see the results in an interactive chart. Stat-Xplore can be used to download the statistics behind the visualisation or share visualisations via social networking tools or through a more traditional approach of downloading a visualisation into a common file format.

This is the first phase of Stat-Xplore includes data on Housing Benefit claimants, and includes local authority and Parliamentary constituency breakdowns. In the near future, Stat-Xplore will include the ability of users to create their own bespoke tabulations and will include data on a wider set of DWP-administered benefits.

Stat-Xplore can be accessed at: http://statistics.dwp.gov.uk/asd/index.php?page=tabtool