Updated LEP League Table

WCC has produced a league table showing the relative performance of the 38 Local Enterprise Partnership areas.  Socio-economic data  was utilised, covering qualifications, labour force, knowledge industry economy and the recent ‘dynamics’ of the economies. For each individual data set, the LEP was ranked in terms of performance – with lowest scores being best and highest being worst. The rankings of these indicators are shown in the document below.

The ranked positions for all 10 indicators were then averaged together to create a final score (lowest being best). These final scores were then ranked in order to present the League Position. All 10 indicators have equal importance, and no weighting is used.

Coventry and Warwickshire performed 19th of 38 places. Red values indicate poor performance, amber values indicate average performance and green values indicate strong performance.

This work was undertaken by William McLaughlin as part of a work placement at Warwickshire County Council.

Local Enterprise Partnership League Table

Coventry & Warwickshire Local Economic Assessment (draft for consultation)

Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council have undertaken a sub-regional economic assessment.  A draft economic assessment has now been produced – partners and stakeholders are invited to comment on this document.  A copy of the draft assessment is available below, along with a response form:

Coventry & Warwickshire LEA (Draft)

LEA Response Form

For more information, please visit WCC’s Local Economic Assessment webpages.

Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) League Table

WCC have produced a ‘League Table’ for the 27 formally approved LEPs.  The following tables present the relative performance of the LEP areas. A range of readily accessibles socio-economic data-sets have been utilised, covering economic performance; business start-up, survival and growth rates; sectoral profiles; skill levels of the resident population; unemployment and employment rates.

On each individual indicator selected, the 27 LEP areas were ranked according to their performance, with 1 being the best and 27 being the worst. The ranked are then added together to make a final “score” (with lowest being best). These total scores were then ranked in order to present the Overall League Position shown in the table on the first page.


Local Enterprise Partnership League Table

Health 2011: The Fire Service Approach – presentation now available

This Friday (10th) the Warwickshire Observatory will be presenting at a joint conference between Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service, West Midlands Fire Service and Coventry City Council.  The day, which will feature talks from the respective Chief Fire Officers and senior officers from the City Council and sub-regional programme office, is designed to set out the basis for a future strategy centred on improved partnership working between fire and health. 

The Observatory will be presenting our analysis of the victim profile for accidental dwelling fires, the links with health issues and how more targeted interventions across the fire and health sectors could help reduce risk.

EDIT: our presentation is now available > Health 2011 Conference (Warwickshire Observatory) and the full set of presentations can be found here