Want to join our Research Team?

A member of our Research Team has just started a 12 month secondment elsewhere in the council.

As a result, the Research Team currently has a 12 month fixed term opportunity for a Research & Insight Officer. We can offer this as a secondment for a successful Warwickshire County Council candidate.

Further details of the role, person specification, and application form are available from our job site, West Midlands Jobs


The closing date for applications is 20th August 2014


Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2013/14 report published

Quality of Life

Today the team is publishing our annual Quality of Life in Warwickshire report, which provides a detailed look at the people, places and communities in our county. The report is an assessment of the demographic, social, economic and environmental themes that all play a part in influencing our residents’ quality of life.

The need for this type of material is more important than ever, as increasingly limited resources need to be deployed in transparent, evidence-led ways. The Quality of Life in Warwickshire report continues to provide local decision makers in the public, private, and voluntary sectors with that evidence base so that improving the lives of all of Warwickshire’s residents remains our collective priority.

New in this year’s report is the inclusion of 2011 Census data across a number of the themes, resulting in several new indicators. Our 2011 Census prospectus gives further details of the team’s work in this area.

As in previous reports, we’ve started each section with a ‘data visualisation’, designed to stimulate your interest and make the statistics more engaging. We’ve also continued with the Interactive Maps in this year’s report. This provides users with a tool for viewing and analysing many of the datasets included in the report at a very local level.

To find out more please click on the link below to download the report:

Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2013/14 report (6.8 MB)

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Quality of Life in Warwickshire 2012/13 Annual Report Published…..

Today Warwickshire Observatory publishes the annual Quality of Life report which provides a detailed look at the people, places and communities in our county. The report is an assessment of the demographic, social, economic and environmental themes that all play a part in influencing our residents’ quality of life.  Some of the issues are easier to influence than others, but the purpose of the report is to provide decision makers with the analysis they need to make more informed choices, and to give all staff in the council a better understanding of the communities that we serve in Warwickshire.

We are always looking at ways to improve the Quality of Life Report and the main innovation this year has been to provide a tool to view and analyse many of the datasets included in the report at a very local level. Throughout the report, you will see the ‘Interactive Map’ icon,  which allows you to examine local data on particular themes through our Instant Atlas tool. This feature also allows downloading of the raw data for each indicator so that you can carry out your own analysis, should you wish to.

This year we have seen some interesting changes, for example where trends may now have reached a turning point and are starting to shift, and where there is little evidence to suggest that inequalities are shrinking.

To find out more please click on the link below to be taken to the report.

2012-13 Quality of Life Report

Any feedback you have can be made through the comments section of our Blog or via Twitter (@WarksObs).

My experience of working in the Observatory on a summer placement – Elena Aldea

After four weeks of working as a Research Assistant with Warwickshire Observatory, I feel writing a ‘Thank you’ note is not the best way to express my gratitude to all the people that contributed to my personal development so a blog post seems a more reasonable compromise. This article is dedicated not only to the wonderful team I have been working with but also to students looking for a great internship opportunity within a top research institution.

The practical experience of working in a research environment contributed not only to my professional skills, but also enhanced my academic knowledge on areas I have never interacted with before. From working on Warwickshire’s Annual Pupil Survey to writing sections on Housing Affordability or Job Vacancies in the Quality of Life report, I have truly gained a better understanding of the main focus in current public policy and institutional research.

Apart from being able to interact with different representatives within Warwickshire County Council, including the Economics and Public Health Departments, I have had the chance to learn the basics of Geographic Information Systems and apply different economic tools to find relevant local data, offering me a great start in preparation of my Bachelor dissertation next year!

Having a background in International Economics and Trade and a strong interest in the public sector, I have fully enjoyed my time with the Warwickshire Observatory team and strongly recommend students with a genuine interest in research to apply for this position!

Elena Aldea

Coventry University

The Warwickshire Observatory is now on Twitter!

You can now follow the Observatory on Twitter.  Our username is @WarksObs and you can either visit our feed here or, even better, follow us using the  button on the right.  We’ll use the account to publicise some of our work and engage with customers – please tell your Twitter friends!

Rumbi Takundwa joins NHS Warwickshire Public Health Intelligence Team as a Trainee Analyst

Rumbi Takundwa joined the Public Health Intelligence Team this week as a Trainee Analyst. She will be providing specialist public health intelligence input across NHS Warwickshire, Warwickshire County Council and partners.  This will include analytical expertise, statistical guidance and research advice to support health related commissioning and decision making. Areas of work will include GP practice and sexual health profiles.

Rumbi joins the team from Coventry University where she has just completed a degree in Economics.  She will be based in the Public Health office in Westgate House, Warwick.

 After having a gap in the Public Health team for almost four months we are delighted that Rumbi is now on board.

Helen Parker joins the Observatory as a Community Safety Partnership Analyst for Warwickshire

Helen Parker joined the Observatory this week as a Community Safety Partnership Analyst for Warwickshire. She will support the four Community Safety Partnerships by providing problem-solving analysis and using analytical techniques to identify trends and patterns in crime and disorder.

Helen joins the team from Warwickshire Police where she has had varied work experience in roles such as Analytical Researcher, Intelligence Analysis and also as a Systems Analyst in HR. She will will be based in Barrack Street, Warwick for most of the time but will spend time hotdesking with the Strategic Planning team at Warwickshire Police and with partners.

After having a gap in analyst resource for almost five months we are extremely excited that Helen is now on board – just in time for producing the Strategic Assessments!